Saturday, January 21, 2012

Suprise Birthday Blog

I decided to make a canvas, but not my typical canvas that I make.  For this person I decided that I would go with the whimsical look, like her.  I am not completely done because I want it to be a surprise; It's almost done I just need the finishing touches.

I started by painting on some Gesso on the canvas and used my heat gun to dry it.

I use acrylic paint for the canvas and displayed below are the colors that I used.  I mixed some colors to give me the perfect shade.

Here I am painting the sky a sky blue.
I didn't paint it all blue because I wanted to leave some room for the other elements that are going into this canvas.

I then started painting the tree.  I used my heat gun again to dry it.

I then started to paint the grass and I used 2 different shades to make it more dimensional.
Here I am painting the top of the tree.
And here is the tree finished.
I added some Martha Stewart sunflowers by the tree.
I used my Peachy Keen Stamps for the little face on the trunk of the tree.

I used the little owl stamp that I am showing below.

I also used My Pink Stamper "you're a hoot."
Here is the stamped Peachy Keen face and the "You're a hoot" on the canvas.
Here is the close up of the two stamped images I stamped on the tree trunk.
Thank you for stopping by and taking a peek at my project for the birthday girl.  Feel free to leave a comment or questions below. 

Linda, thank you for inviting me to join in the fun.  It was amazing to be along side some talented ladies.  Thank you!

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Sharon -

Happy hopping!