Friday, March 11, 2011

Easter Spring Blog Hop

If you are here from   Stephanie    you are in the right place. 

Hello everyone it's Alee' here coming to you in behalf of Nancy. Nancy was half way done with her project and really hoped she was able to fulfill this hop and finish it, but unfortunately she was unable to finish her project not because she didn't want too, but  because Nancy has been a little delicate of health lately. She was hospitalized due to her delicate pregnancy and was ordered bed rest from her Dr. Please keep Nancy, her baby and her family in your prayers. I have volunteer to be Nancy's Blog Hop Angel and I am delighted to do so. Nancy is such a great and sweet friend that I was happy to do this for her :) Thanks Nancy for the chance and the friendship and for letting me post through your blog. Nancy was very grateful Linda @ invited her to join in this hop here we share this project with you all. 
Hoping you will like and continue on hopping with us. Happy Spring!

Hey There Chickadee Tag
by: Alee' Saenz (Blog Hop Angel)

This tag measures 4x6 and is decorated in a spring background paper collection. Sorry don't remember the collection I had been hording this super cute paper lol.... Also The flowers are handmade by me. Nataleigh @ and I have been enjoying making these fun flowers with different centers in them usually buttons and bling are what we use. I used a ribbon ruffle from Hobby Lobby the chick came from Michael's last years dollar bin and the sticker came from an Easter collection sticker pack from Hobby Lobby. Also burlap was used as well as some buttons and flat back pearls. All this tag was created from items I had in my stash. Hope you will like the project. Please leave Nancy a sweet get well wish. Once again Nancy is grateful for you stopping by and following her blog. Hop on over to Cindy's blog   Nancy, wants to thank Linda from the bottom of her heart for inviting her to join in her hop! Thanks everyone don't forget to leave a comment I'm sure Nancy would love to hear from you and don't forget to press the Follow button :)

Here's the line up of this hop:

#1. Linda
#2. Susi
#3. Vero
#4. Alee'
#5. Nataleigh
#6. Stephanie
#7. Nancy
#8. Cynthia
#9. Jackie
#10. Yolie
#11. Ruthie
#12. Zoe

Now for Nancy's give away all you have to do is follow her blog and leave her a get well wish :) and tell her what is the best thing you enjoy during the spring! Here is a picture of her giveaway! She will post the winner here next week!

Nancy will be picking the winner herself :) Good luck everyone!

Alee' in behalf of Nancy (pinkbellamia)


ScrapChica said...

Your just Amazing Alee'...Thank you for the hard work and time you spent in each of the Awesome projects you did! :) I love those yoyo flowers...I want them! And Nancy...keep your feet up and get plenty of rest! Big Hugs! :)

ScrappingLatina said...

The tag is adorable.. love it... It was sweet of you to do this for her...

Nancy, I said a prayer for you... Please take care of yourself and your baby... Congratulations on your pregnancy... Much love and thoughts sent your way...

My favorite part of Easter is watching the kiddies search for the eggs... It is just so cute...

Gill McCall said...

This is such an adorable tag - thanks for sharing.

creative patti said...

What a wonderful thing you did Alee! Love the tag and all the trim! Great Job! Am now following Nacy's blog. Nancy I ope you get to feeling better real soon! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful friend. TFS!
pattig161at yahoo dot com

mamascrapper69 said...

wow hope your doing better!!! i will keep you in mind. i do really love the tag. its gorgeous.

Sheree said...

Alee'..thank you for being Nancy's angel and our angel as well. You are amazing! I WANT THIS TAG! lol It is precious! I love the pearls you used and I want to know how to make those flowers. Super duper cute!
Nancy, you take care of yourself and that baby! You are precious to us and I am so worried about you! Please listen to the doctor...I am praying for you...
My favorite part of easter is dressing up to go to church and celebrate the fact that He is Risen!

Cynthialoowho♥ said...

Wow Alee how wonderful are you? VERY, what a sweet friend you are. Nancy I'm praying for you girl. Rest Rest Rest!! Many well wishes and Luv to you Nancy!! Alee your tag is beautiful. Wow 2 hops and your daughter woohoo =)You did a great job!
Big Squishy Hugs & some Luv♥

NickelNook said...

You are an angel Alee'! Such a sweet friend! I love your chickadee's ADORABLE!!
I'm praying for you Nancy, and I trust all will be well!...Nancy :o)

Annette Smith said...

You are so sweet to do this for Nancy I'll be praying for her. Love your tag that little chick is so cute and love the flowers too. Great job and thanks for sharing with us.

ScrappinT said...

What a great angel, Alee! Love the tag and I hope everything goes well Nancy! Take care of yourself!

Cricket's Daughter said...

First of all, I am praying for you and your baby. We all love you and wish you nothing but the best. And what a great Friend is Alee' to help you....but, that IS what friends do, isn't it?

Alee', the tag is just toooo cute for words. It is adorable and what a great gift for a teacher, a special friend or anyone, really.

Thanks for being in Linda's blog hop and again, Nancy, prayers going up to wash over you and your baby:)

Have a "HOPPY" DAY!!!

CricketsDaughter1 (My YT channel)

Susi said...

Mi Nancy! Don't get of of your bed! Do you hear?! TQM ami and wish you the best in your health. Take your time and we will all be here when you are healthy enough to come back. TQM, Sushi

Saxon and Jaedyn said...

what a beautiful tag!!! really a great job!! nancy you are in my prayers

ScrapBliss said...

Hi Nancy! Congrats on the pregnancy and I will sending long distance prayers your way!
Hi Alee! So sweet of you to step up for your friend, good looking out girlie!

Geordie morgan said...

Omg love the project, im addicted to fabric flowers at the moment tfs

butterflyamanda said...

love your tag, the flowers are gorgeous tfs huggs Amanda said...

Hi Nancy get better soon and I know you will be well. love you nataleigh

ms.liz729 said...

That was very nice of you Alee!! The tag was so cute! Nancy I will keep you and your baby in my prayers so you may get well soon :)!!

TwoHeartsPath said...

So sorry to hear you are not feeling well, I will keep you in my thoughts and pray that the bedrest will keep you and your sweeet baby well.
Hugs and Best Wishes Patti

neddie58 said...

great flowers

SilverMcKenzie said...

Nancy I hope you begin to feel better soon. You have left your blog hop entry in very good hands. Alee you did a great job on the cute tag above.

HolyScrap said...

Alee, so wonderful of you to lend a helping hand...I (heart) the scrapbooking community. Nancy, praying for you and your baby, that everything goes well and that your have a speedy and painless pregnancy and delivery. Alee your tag was beautiful, especially thos cute flowers. Thanks for sharing.


kellyjp29 said...

Best wishes for a swift recovery and what a treat Alee to find you over here helping your friend! So nice, hoppin' on....~Kelly (walkelmol)

ScrappingHappy said...

so much goodies so little time i wanna play with it all i love the colors